Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Terrific Two's

This is a short post (especially compared to my previous posts) which I will probably add onto from time to time, to dedicate to my terrific two year old.

So many people say the"'terrible two's" but I say "terrific two's"!

Yes, his emotions may be nitro-loaded but I say 'why is this bad?'. Showing of emotions are a good thing and that is something I want to encourage and foster with Ethan, especially because he is a boy. We need to accept all emotions - the pretty and ugly. This is what makes us human. I will not punish him for showing emotion. But I must say sometimes he has some frustrating moments but the laughs and smiles are also bigger!

A two year old's hugs and kisses can't be beaten! (until, of course, he turns 3!) Not only are they soppy and huge but he hands them out when we least expect it. It brings so much joy to see him give his grandad a big kiss and make his day.

He wants to share everything - his toys, sweets and food. With us and the dog.

He wants to involve me in every aspect of his life. I love it when he excitedly comes up to me and show me the car he just found behind his shoes. And, yes, with the same amount of excitement he often want to show me how much dog poo he just stepped into his shoes as well! I keep reminding myself that he might want to go off and play by himself one day, and that I cant be involved with every area of his life.

Those little arms tight around my neck (or legs) are the best. When he was younger I really looked forward to the day when he could hold me back and not just be picked up. And I must say, it is worth the wait! And sometimes when I'm sitting, I will feel those little arms from behind, because he wants a piggy back ride. And it makes him giggle.

He can sit still long enough to cuddle with me on the couch.

He likes to hold my hand and play with my hair.

He explains things to me with the greatest of enthusiasm - even though he doesn't yet talk (with words we can understand).

You can explain things to them and they get it. You see their little eyes think about what you just said and they even do what you ask!

He loves to help mommy. He always wants to get involved in my tasks, no matter how mundane. Whether it be packing the laundry basket, loading the dishwasher (with clean Tupperware lol) and even cleaning the dog. I use the term 'helping' loosely, because I just love his input so much, no matter if it is counter-productive.

More to come I'm sure!

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