Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Passionate about positive parenting

Ever since I was pregnant I wanted to get this parenting thing right, I was adamant. I bought numbers of books which spoke about the basics of baby care, including standard things like routine and self-soothing etc.


Such techniques' and theories never sat quite well with me but I accepted that that was how things needed to be done. Until I held my little one in my arms and couldn't bare to see him cry or put him down for any length of time. But wasn't I going to spoil him by nursing him to sleep and holding him in my arms all night long? All these things just felt so RIGHT to me, but contradicted a lot of advice out there.

By the Grace of God I had the wisdom to ask God for wisdom and guidance, and He gave that to my. I'm not quite sure how but He led me to the most amazing resources and professionals that led me on the most amazing journey of growth and enlightenment. This journey still carries on today, as my little boy is now a busy two year old, and my unconventional parenting style has been the foundation of what I continue to this day and will continue to do so as long as I'm a mother.
This is something that I'm so passionate about that I often find myself talking anyone's ear off who will give me the opportunity to explain. So I reckon what better than a blog so that I can get all my thoughts on paper.

So watch this space as there will be lots to come!

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