Monday, June 13, 2011

The Power of "Plan B"

Moms, as with most humans, make mitakes. Lots of them. Its the human flaw. We start out with the best intentions and end up dissapointing ourselves. And what makes it worse is when it negatively affects, or even hurts the ones we love the most.

But my God is a God of second chances. And if He is, why can't we give ourselves a break? Moms are the worst when it comes to self criticism. We expect ourselves to be perfect first time.

Something that I've learned with parenting that if something is consistently producing bad results, then re-evaluate. For example, you find that your toddler is tantruming a lot; you're not enjoying your child like you should be; you're always tired with getting up constantly to feed, etc. Sit down and think of your current 'strategy'. Why isn't it working? Refocus. There are MANY different styles of parenting and no two families (and children) are alike. Use your God-given instincts and follow your heart. "Are we all REALLY happy with sleep training our little girl, hearing her cry herself to sleep", "surely I don't have to always assert my authority so strongly EVERY time with my child, they are withdrawing from me", "I don't like shouting at my child so much".

So, make a change! You can and you are allowed to. Do it for your sake, your child's, and your family as a whole. Always follow what feels right in your heart, what gives you peace and happiness - even if its not what that book says next to your bed.

I dare you!