Friday, January 20, 2012

From toddler to preschooler

My baby is no longer a baby...

Last Friday he started playschool. That was a great decision as far as we're concerned. He was more than ready. This child of mine is turning out to be a real social butterfly - like his Grandad.

This would be the first time I would be leaving him in the care of someone besides his granny or Ouma. I was quite nervous, but at the same time really exited and peaceful that it was the right time. I decided that for this year I only want him to go 3 days a week from 9 - 12, as I read that a toddler can only benefit from one hour of social time for every year of his age.

So, worried about tears and separation anxiety I bought a great book called first day at school. It has stickers and activities about the first day at school. We read it very often in the weeks coming up to school. I also made a note of talking him through what was going to happen nearly every day. I explained in great detail what would happen step by step as if I was telling a story. A story about E going to school, and playing with his friends. That mommy was going to take him in the car, and say "bye-bye' for a little while, but that I would come and pick him up later. I also explained that school isn't a place for mommies, but that mommy will always come and fetch him. I saw on his face when he realised that I wont be coming with him to school that he was a little upset - but that helped him get used to the idea of me leaving him BEFORE he realises at the school that I'm leaving him.

I'm so blessed that there was NO tears or anxiety. He would actually happily kiss me goodbye and run off to the slide.I would always make a point of being the first mom there so that he didn't have to wait for me to arrive after seeing all the other moms greet their children. I would think that would cause some anxiety.

But luckily the new season sf school is turning out to be a pleasant and successful one, and this will give me some time in the morning to do some work and when the new baby comes... to have some quality time with him/her.

And then there was four

So about a week ago I found out that we are expecting another baby! We are super excited as this was planned and happened only the second time around.

We chose to wait a bit longer than most families as we wanted a few things to be set in place:

  • That I was in a position to leave work (in an office)
  • E was potty trained
  • E was getting settled into a playschool
  • As close to a 4 year gap between siblings as possible
Deciding to have another child was a big decision for us and not something we took lightly at all. I'm very concerned how a sibling will affect E. I really don't think I'm cut out for two babies at the same time. I am a highly responsive, high touch kind of mother and I don't want to have to split myself totally between two children who need to be held so often. Luckily E is getting to the sage now where he wants to do everything himself, including walking up the stairs (with me behind him), going to the toilet, washing hands etc. I think I'll really appreciate this independence when I reach my 3rd trimester.

When E was a little baby and up to very recently, he was almost constantly in my arms. We both loved it and it has secured a strong attachment between us. Now he still comes for a cuddle on the couch now and then, before jumping up a few minutes later to go and do something more interesting. I want to provide my second baby with the same privilege E and I shared - those special moments of closeness. I know it wont be to the same degree but I will try my hardest to come as close as possible. 

As with my pregnancy - I am still feeling great! Besides being really tired and having the appetite of a lion. I even took another test a couple days later to see if I was still pregnant. Yup still there...

I am extremely privileged that my husband wants me to be well looked after, and has allowed me to stay home in this season. I already notice a huge difference this time around compared to my first pregnancy, where I was working a full day. These days, I will snuggle down with E for a nap after school - we are both enjoying that. This extra rest I'm getting allows be to be functional after 17:00 and make supper, and keep me in a pleasant mood with my family. Its making the world of difference.

I will try and update you as much as I get a chance with my pregnancy as it goes along.