Friday, January 20, 2012

And then there was four

So about a week ago I found out that we are expecting another baby! We are super excited as this was planned and happened only the second time around.

We chose to wait a bit longer than most families as we wanted a few things to be set in place:

  • That I was in a position to leave work (in an office)
  • E was potty trained
  • E was getting settled into a playschool
  • As close to a 4 year gap between siblings as possible
Deciding to have another child was a big decision for us and not something we took lightly at all. I'm very concerned how a sibling will affect E. I really don't think I'm cut out for two babies at the same time. I am a highly responsive, high touch kind of mother and I don't want to have to split myself totally between two children who need to be held so often. Luckily E is getting to the sage now where he wants to do everything himself, including walking up the stairs (with me behind him), going to the toilet, washing hands etc. I think I'll really appreciate this independence when I reach my 3rd trimester.

When E was a little baby and up to very recently, he was almost constantly in my arms. We both loved it and it has secured a strong attachment between us. Now he still comes for a cuddle on the couch now and then, before jumping up a few minutes later to go and do something more interesting. I want to provide my second baby with the same privilege E and I shared - those special moments of closeness. I know it wont be to the same degree but I will try my hardest to come as close as possible. 

As with my pregnancy - I am still feeling great! Besides being really tired and having the appetite of a lion. I even took another test a couple days later to see if I was still pregnant. Yup still there...

I am extremely privileged that my husband wants me to be well looked after, and has allowed me to stay home in this season. I already notice a huge difference this time around compared to my first pregnancy, where I was working a full day. These days, I will snuggle down with E for a nap after school - we are both enjoying that. This extra rest I'm getting allows be to be functional after 17:00 and make supper, and keep me in a pleasant mood with my family. Its making the world of difference.

I will try and update you as much as I get a chance with my pregnancy as it goes along.

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