Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rainy-Day Cookies

I decided to bake some cookies with Ethan today because it's raining today, and I wanted to practice making some Christmas cookie decorations for out Christmas tree this year. It turned out to be a fun activity for the both of us - which I still need to clean up!

Take a basic sugar cookie recipe. I made quite a small batch this time for for the Christmas batch I think I will make a lot more.

Next we rolled it out on our kitchen counter. I gave Ethan his own little bit of dough to keep him occupied when I got stuck in to my own dough.

We took star cookie cutter shapes and pressed them out. After placing them onto a baking tray I pressed out little holes into each using a straw. I plan on using these holes to put the string though for the tree decorations.

Then came the fun part - Decorating with icing! I think for next time, I will just lightly dust with icing sugar as 'wet' icing tends to get a bit sticky. I can imagine what a pink sticky tree might look like - attracting dust and things! No thanks!
Send me your toddler-friendly Christmas baking ideas!

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